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Motherhood: What to put on your baby Registry: I asked mom friend’s what’s worth it and what’s not, here’s what they had to say!

What SHOULD you put on your baby registry? Let’s be real…first time mom here, NO idea!!! Anyone else? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ So I did what anyone who hasn’t been a parent yet would do…I posted to Facebook and asked my mom friends!

So, what do you put on a baby registry?

The worst part about being a new parent is the fear of not knowing what on earth you’re doing. I have NO idea what it means to be a parent. So when I reached out to my mom friends about what to put on my registry, I was SO grateful they all came in to help!!! Here’s what they had to say:

Before we get into this post, I would like to add I am not sponsored by any of these companies nor were the women who I asked. These were all just suggestions from people I know! πŸ™‚

  1. The Nose Frida: This was one of the top suggestions of “need it” tools to put on a baby registry. I haven’t used one before, but all of the mamas out there said it’s an absolute must!

2. The Hatch Sound Machine (or a sound machine): This one was highly suggested because of it’s night light ability. It’s not only a sound machine, but it has a night light which many moms recommended for late night changing!

3. A car seat/ stroller system: This was something I knew I definitely wanted to have when we found out we were expecting. I know some people don’t want the full system, but I wanted something that was all in one that could grow with baby as they get bigger! I went to Buy Buy Baby and personally tried out the strollers in person and the Chicco Bravo Primo Trio Travel System was my favorite. I felt like it gave you the best quality for what you’re buying, it’s not super heavy, and it’s also really soft and comfortable for baby!

4. Gripe Water: I have heard a lot of good things about this stuff. Gripe Water is a supplement for infant gas and colic relief. It helps ease tummy trouble and general fussiness for babies. I don’t know much about brands for this, but this is the one I added to my registry and it had great reviews.

5. A Boppy: A boppy was another top recommended item. This little pillow is helpful to support baby while breastfeeding . According to their site, it can also be used for propping, tummy time, and sitting support!

6. Saline, baby tylenol, and sickness medications: I’m not going to link all of these because everyone had so many suggestions, but the reality is you never know when your little one can get sick and having medication on hand is always a good thing!

7. Wipe Warmer: This was HIGHLY recommended to add to your list! Many mom’s said babies hate cold wipes and this was a lifesaver for them!

8. The Diaper Genie: A lot of mamas suggested this and said they loved it, but it’s not a complete “must have”, more of a nice item to have. It helps hide those stinky diapers and is a nice little place to toss them when you’re mid diaper change!

9. Washable nursing pads: This was a highly recommended item to add for mamas. I had multiple people suggest the washable kind so that you can reuse them.

10. Wipes: One of the most obvious things you’ll need is wipes and diapers right? But one of our friends actually told us something that I thought was so smart! They stocked up on wipes leading up to baby’s birth and STILL have plenty of wipes to go through. Each time they’d make a trip to the store, they’d add a small pack to their cart. $5 here or there isn’t so bad right? But as a result they had all of the wipes they needed by the time their little one was born!

These were all of the top suggestions, but here are a few more that didn’t quite make the top 10 list, but were still suggested!

  • Baby Swings: A lot of moms suggested the 4moms Mama Roo or a basic Graco swing that you can find at the store if you’re looking for more of a budget friendly option.
  • Baby Carrier/Baby Wrap: Some specific brands mentioned were: Solly, Tula, Baby Bjorn, Ring Sling, etc.
  • Nipple Cream
  • Milk bags (for breast feeding)
  • Bassinet: The Halo was a top recommendation.
  • Pack & Play: A lot of moms recommended a pack & play that comes with the bassinet, changer, and pack and play combo.
  • Bottle Warmer
  • Boudreaux’s butt paste
  • A lot of moms recommended to add multiple sets of crib sheets. You never know when baby will spit up or poop on one and then you’re stuck with no crib sheets for awhile…stock up!
  • Breast Pump: Check with your insurance because ours covers it for free!
  • Owlet was highly recommended
  • Sophie the Giraffe: I learned why everyone gets this pricey little giraffe.
  • Nursing bras & tanks for mama
  • Burp rags & wash cloths

    And of course…lots and lots of diapers! πŸ˜‰

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