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Pet Friendly House Plants

One of my most frequently asked plant questions is which house plants are pet friendly, and which ones are not. As strange as this may sound, many plants are NOT pet friendly! A lot of people buy a plant not knowing it can be toxic to their fur babies. It can be really hard to find a plant that meets your needs of what you’re looking for decor/plant-wise, but also be safe for your furry friend.

Today I’m going to be sharing my top favorite pet friendly house plants that are not only easy to care for, but also keep your fur babies safe!!

Plant #1: The Spider Plant

(Photo from the ASPCA website)

This plant may sound like a creepy crawly creature you don’t want in your house, but it’s the opposite! Spider plants are super easy to care for, easy to maintain, and they’re pretty! Spider plants are nontoxic to dogs & cats. If you’re not much of a plant person, I highly recommend starting with a spider plant as they can handle a lot! They’re tough little guys and a great starter plant for new gardeners. Make sure to provide them with a well draining pot & bright, indirect sunlight and they will be happy campers! Spider plants can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, and most plant nurseries!

Plant #2: Calathea- The Prayer Plant

I LOVE CALATHEAS. Calatheas are a great way to get a trendy plant that you may have seen on Instagram that’s also super friendly to your pet! They are nontoxic to cats and dogs (and horses according to the ASPCA website). What’s great about Calatheas is they come in a TON of varieties, shapes, and colors. They are one of my favorite plants because they are absolutely beautiful and unique! Be sure to provide them with a well draining pot, bright, indirect light, and try not to overwater them. You can find calatheas at Home Depot, Lowes and most plant nurseries, however I have also had luck from Etsy! (Check it out here!)

Plant #3: Peperomias

Peperomias are another favorite of mine! They’re just so cute!!! I have a Pilea Peperomia, but there are a few different varieties of this cute plant! Peperomias are often called “Baby Rubber Plants” or “Chinese Money Trees”. They’re known for their round disk shapes and rubber like leaves. They also come in a variety of shapes and colors which make for fun purchasing! I purchased mine on Etsy because I had some trouble tracking one down, but I’m sure you could find them at a plant nursery as well! I water mine once it starts to look dry and I also freshen up it’s soil when it starts to look a little icky.

Plant #4: African Violet

(Image via ASPCA website)

African Violets are a great way to have florals in your home without making your fur baby sick! They actually prefer being inside versus out (according to my research). African Violets are super easy to take care of and aren’t super needy which is the best part! Keep the soil lightly moistened and make sure not to overwater, add fresh soil once a year, and keep an eye on if your violet is outgrowing its one likes to be crowded 😝. You can find these pretty plants at Home Depot, Lowes, and plant nurseries!

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Disclaimer: If you are unsure if a plant is safe for your pet, please check out the ASPCA’s website for amazing resources on pet safe plants!

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