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We’re Expecting!!!


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That feels so weird to finally be able to say, but man am I excited about it!! Y’all, this moment has been one that Justin and I have dreamed about for quite some time now. You see, we always knew we wanted a family, it was always just a matter of “when”. To be honest, Justin wanted babies before our wedding but I knew I didn’t want to be 6+ months walking down the aisle! 😂 So we waited until we felt the time was right for us to try.

We took a trip this last March to California for my Papa’s funeral. I was feeling all kinds of emotions. Sad about losing the amazing man my Papa was, happy to have seen all of my family together even though I wish the circumstances were different, and feeling overwhelmed with our pregnancy journey. We had just passed our 1 year wedding anniversary and I couldn’t help but feel defeated. I know it sounds silly, but as a woman you go through all of the questions in your head, “Can I have children? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not tracking things right?” I also had the constant nagging fear of my thyroid cancer/issues lingering overhead and was wondering if that was affecting getting pregnant.

I remember before we got home from our trip I was feeling a little sad. I asked Papa, “If you can hear me up there, just please make this happen. I just want to be a mom.” I didn’t know if he would hear me or if my words even mattered, but I felt defeated.

That next day when I got home, I was unloading groceries and a HUGE monarch butterfly flew past and nearly brushed my arm. For those who don’t know, monarchs have a big meaning in my life. The town I grew up in (and where my Nana & Papa live) is the monarch capital of the US! I had always grown up seeing these beautiful creatures and they’ve been so special to me. That day, I remember thinking wow I have never seen a monarch so big and beautiful, let alone seeing one in Texas!⁣

Justin went out of town that day and I remember the date because it was 3 days before his birthday. We had just found out about all of this quarantine craziness, but he had a 2 week job in Montana that he was called to do. He asked if I had started my time of the month yet, and I honestly thought I was going to (I was having strange cramping which I mistook for period cramps…sorry if that’s TMI).

The next day I got up, I still had no period and I got to thinking…what if? I waited one more day just to be sure because the cramps were still happening and I was confused. That next morning, I took a pregnancy test and the rest is history!

I took the first one and it came back positive. I started FREAKING out. “Oh my god oh my god this has to be a false positive?!” I took 4 more tests from the same pack…all positive… but faint. So I called my best friend Miranda and asked her to pick up a ClearBlue pregnancy test. She rushed over as fast as she could, and of course, I got stage fright and couldn’t pee 😂 We chatted for awhile and then I took the test. POSITIVE. Clear as day!!

We were jumping around laughing crying and so excited. By the time all of it had gone down I’m pretty sure I actually took 10 tests because I was in such disbelief 🤣.

I called my mom, my dad, my sisters, but there was 1 important person I couldn’t get ahold of….my husband. I kept texting him “CALL ME!!! I have to show you something!!” “CALL ME!! Your birthday present came early I can’t wait to show you!” Unfortunately for him, he was having a rough day at work that day. Anything that could go wrong was going wrong and he was SO frustrated. He finally called me a few hours later, looking like he had a pretty rough day. I quickly showed him what I was calling about and he sat there in silence for a few minutes. I was 99.999% sure I threw him into shock. He then replied, “What happened to starting your period? Did you make that up you little shit?” *heavy sarcasm and laughter of course!!* And then said the cutest thing I think I’ve ever heard him say, “I’m going to be a dad!

We were in so much shock and disbelief, I think it took us a LONG time before it finally hit us. WE’RE GOING TO BE PARENTS!!! Y’all, there are no words for how excited we are!!!

This week makes 15 weeks of pregnancy & baby is the size of a pear! 🍐 Pregnancy has been such a strange and fun journey so far and I can’t wait to meet our little one this November! ⁣💕…more on the gender reveal soon!

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