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Quarantine & Pregnancy: Finding out you’re pregnant during a pandemic

I never thought I would write a blog post like this, let alone go through an experience like this. A pandemic: A word that has become a part of our regular day to day vocabulary and life since COVID-19. This season of our lives has been very weird, not going to lie. We found out we were expecting a week before the quarantine and big outburst of the pandemic began…and let me tell you, it was pretty scary! Not only was I finding out I would be a new mom this year, but I was hearing all kinds of horror stories about women being told they were delivering their babies alone with no support there, women catching this sickness and not knowing how it would effect their little one on the way, it was so scary!

Pregnancy is a strange & beautiful thing to experience, but experiencing it during a pandemic is a whole other ball game. It’s emotional, it’s scary, it’s full of unexpected twists and turns, you name it! Finding out I was pregnant at the start of the pandemic was intimidating, and I didn’t know what to expect. The first 30 days, most of my time was spent indoors and not leaving my house. Luckily for me, and unluckily, I spent most of my time resting & in bed because I had bad morning sickness and I was SO tired! No one tells you that you’ll basically sleep the first month after you find out..but let me tell you, I slept and slept!! Justin (my husband) got our groceries when we needed them and was the “supply getter” for anything we needed. He was even more amazing when it came to getting my pregnancy cravings and morning sickness pops! 😋

The hardest part though, has been the doctor appointments. Most of our appointments where Justin would be able to come along, I’ve had to go alone. I’ve been to ultrasounds alone, I’ve heard our baby’s heartbeat alone…it’s a really strange experience. It makes me sad that my husband isn’t able to come with me to these and experience all of these important appointments with me…I mean this is our first child and having him wait in the car each time we go in just breaks my heart..I honestly hate it.

But, luckily I have an amazing husband who has been so supportive through all of this and so encouraging. He’s been a trooper and waited in the car anxiously to see my phone photos, videos, and ultrasound photos. He’s been there to talk me through every pregnancy tear and anxiety, and he’s been a big support.

My hope is that someday soon, this pandemic will go away and it will be a memory of the past. I hope to have my husband with me at some of the major appointments and ultrasounds in the future, and to experience this pregnancy like a “normal” pregnancy of the past..though I know our definition of normal will be totally different from now on. I hope to have a baby shower and be able to celebrate this exciting time with our loved ones and friends!

The one thing that always encourages me during this uncertain time, is knowing my little one is growing and growing each and everyday! I cannot wait for November and the amazing things to come!

And if you’re a mama going through this pandemic and all of the unknowns, just please know you are not alone! I have found SO many support groups & systems to get me through it and encourage me during such a dark and scary time! Just know that you are not alone and you’ve always got someone here to support you if you need some support & encouragement! 🙂

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